Analog Forever Magazine : Myths and Fables

Curated by Amy Jasek,

tell me a story
let it rise out of 
the ashes of your history
a photon-breathing phoenix 
shooting darts of meaning
through your lens

mix fact and fancy
with a cocktail stick
plucked from the night sky

throw in heaping measures of hidden lore  

put your eye to the keyhole
of the darkened room 
and reverse the image

talk to the animals
write what they say
in a frame full of light

show me a story
make it up along the way
let a fraction of time
reveal what it has to say

I’m please to participate to the Analog Forever Magazine April group exhibition Myths and Fables

Je suis enchantée de participer à l’exposition de groupe Myths and Fables organisée par Analog Forever Magazine.